The Boston chapter of the International Facility Management Association (IFMA), a non-profit association dedicated to serving the facility management profession, today announced the winners of the 2021 Awards of Excellence.  Presented to recipients at the 18th Annual Awards of Excellence event on March 29st,  this year’s IFMA Boston awards will be the kick off of the organization’s signature event—FMForward.

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    Individual Awards of Excellence

    Lori Stewart Coletti Award:  Tom Hamill, William B. Meyer

    About the Award: The Lori Stewart Coletti award is given in recognition of service to the Boston Chapter of IFMA that goes above and beyond expectations.  Each year, the winner of this award makes a substantial impact on the membership and success of the organization.  

    2021 Winner:This year’s recipient, Tom Hammill, has been an integral component of our FMForward conference from its inception three years ago. He has worked tirelessly to keep forward momentum going to assure we have quality FM rich content to provide to our membership. He brings fresh insight, experience, and perseverance to the role and is now one of the co-chairs of the event.

    President’s Award: Gretchen Barron, CFM, Massachusetts Medical Society

    About the Award: The President’s Award recognizes an individual who is passionate about what they do—either as a leader from within or outside the IFMA Boston chapter, and represents the very best of the IFMA’s core values.  This award is selected by the current Chapter President and reflects strong service to the profession.

    2021 Winner:Gretchen Barron has been an active member of the IFMA Boston Chapter for more than a decade. She has served as a volunteer within Special Events and most recently our Career Expansion team. Gretchen is an alum of Wentworth Institute of Technology’s facilities management program and an active mentor and supporter of the program and those that have followed her. Her efforts within the Career Expansion team’s FM pipeline program, in conjunction with IFMA International, is helping fulfill IFMA Boston’s goal of closing the FM talent gap by actively engaging high schoolers in the profession. Gretchen has lent the chapter her insights, and experience as a guest speaker and is an active participant in our Thought Leaders program.

    Excellence in Facilities Transformation

    The Excellence in Facilities Transformation award is presented to a project team for its work on facilities innovation projects that are “more than meets the eye.” 

    Paul Cuffee Schools Digital Twinning Project, nominated by DataArrows, Inc.

    The ability to successfully monitor indoor air health is integral to safely reopening schools during the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, the majority of school buildings in New England—including Paul Cuffee, a public charter school in Providence—are old with dated HVAC systems.

    Specifically, Paul Cuffee faced several challenges, including assessment of indoor air conditions for compliance with COVID-related guidelines, optimum operation of windows and doors for providing enough ventilation while still keeping students comfortable, and accurate diagnosis and rapid response to issues in the buildings' HVAC systems.

    The answer wasn't new construction, either, but rather innovation. Paul Cuffee worked with dataArrows to create digital twins of all three buildings so that facility managers could monitor spaces in real time and respond to issues quickly.

    The digital twinning had the desired effect, enabling Paul Cuffee's FMs to assess indoor air conditions and make informed decisions while keeping students, faculty, and staff members comfortable and safe.

    We're proud to recognize Paul Cuffee's innovative solution with our Excellence in Facilities Transformation Award.

    Excellence in FM: Rah’d LeTang and Jeffrey Dronzek, Paul Cuffee School

    IFMA Boston recognizes the excellence in Facility Management for those involved in our award winning projects.  This project team was led by Rah’d LeTang and Jeffrey Droznak of Paul Cuffee Schools.

    Babson College Return to Campus Project

    When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March 2020, Babson College had a major shift. All learning went remote, students were moved off campus, and non-essential faculty/staff were asked to work from home.

    Tricia Lyons, Babson College's Associate Vice President, Facilities Management & Construction, had only been at Babson for two weeks at this point. And yet she now faced not only settling into her new role, but also spearheading decision-making during a pandemic—decisions that included Babson's "Return to Campus" initiative.

    Lyons got to work, leading discussions with her team, working with consultants and vendors, and spending the summer facilitating a plan for the fall semester and the 1,200 students who would be returning to campus.

    This effort took huge collaboration across all departments on campus. Lyons had to manage this coordination effort with each building, different departments, and at different levels of the college.

    The hard work paid off. Babson had a successful fall semester: 1,200 students returned to campus. Due to the policies and protocols Babson had in place, there was no secondhand spread from any positive COVID-19 cases. Babson's percent of positive cases also stayed low throughout the semester.

    Ashley White, Campus & Facilities Planner at Babson, said, "I think without Tricia, not only would the department have struggled to keep up with demand, priority, and process, but I think Babson's fall semester would not have been as successful."

    We're thrilled to recognize Babson College and Tricia Lyons's success in her first year as Associate Vice President, Facilities Management & Construction with our Excellence in Facilities Transformation Award.

    Excellence in FM: Tricia Lyons, Babson College

    IFMA Boston recognizes the excellence in Facility Management for those involved in our award winning projects.  This project team was led by Tricia Lyons of Babson College.

    Excellence in Building Synergies

    This award is presented to a project team for its work on a project that brings opposing forces together with creative thinking and innovative solutions. 

    Codiak Biosciences A Tale of Two Facilities, nominated by Hereva Consultants, Inc.

    Having outgrown its leased space in Kendall Square, Codiak Biosciences envisioned establishing a new corporate HQ elsewhere in Cambridge while simultaneously expanding cGMP facility operations in Lexington, Mass. Occupancy of both new facilities was planned for early 2020—yes, just as the world faced a pandemic.

    The two projects were a success. Constant communications to staff and the formation of a Covid-19 task force were critical to navigating constraints throughout the implementation. In addition, Codiak prioritized labs and mission-critical specialty components to keep the business running smoothly.

    The decision to build two custom-designed projects ultimately served Codiak well. The new spaces have met requirements for business growth, have supported the expansion of existing and new science (both R&D and manufacturing), and have continued to attract and recruit staff.

    Codiak's ability to pivot, adjust, and succeed—even in the midst of a pandemic—made it an obvious choice for our Excellence in Building Synergies Award.

    Excellence in FM: Kim Barry, Codiak Biosciences

    IFMA Boston recognizes the excellence in Facility Management for those involved in our award winning projects.  This project team was led by Kim Barry of Codiak Biosciences.

    Nominated Projects

    All of the nominations received this year were strong and told a compelling FM story. We would like to recognize all of the nominated projects and their nominators.

    Return to Residential Research Campus, Boston University
    HVAC Update, Tri-County Regional Vocational Technical High School
    Dunkin Brands Inc. Energy Savings Project, Dunkin Brands
    Managing COVID-19 at Relay, Relay Therapeutics
    Brown University "Healthy Fall Initiative", nominated by Fort Point Project Management
    Virtual Deployment of a Mobile Facility Management Solution for a Medical University in Rwanda University of Global Health Equity, nominated by Skanska
    Berkeley Research Group, nominated by Unispace
    Middlesex Savings Bank, Wayland and Hudson Branches, nominated by VVA Cost and Project Managers
    Publicis Groupe, nominated by Elkus Manfredi Architects

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