2019 Call for Speakers


    IFMA Boston is launching its own annual conference titled FMFoward. For its inaugural year, this one-day event will provide members with key strategies, technologies and best practices to help them navigate the ever-changing FM landscape.

    The conference will include:

    • A Keynote Speaker – Deborah Easton, Communications Skills Consultant, Kent State University
    • “Tech Talk” Case Study Presentations – featuring local facility management practitioners and a preferred vendor partner discussing real-life solutions
    • Facility Tour of Bentley University’s New Hockey Arena
    • Interactive Technology Demonstrations
    • Career Development Sessions
    • Networking & Cocktail Reception


    Event Details:
    Date: March 27, 2019
    Location: Bentley University
    175 Forest Street
    Waltham, MA 02452

    Our mission is to be the complete, expert resource for facility managers in the Boston area. IFMA Boston is the only organization dedicated to helping Facility Management professionals add more value to their organizations. We do this with:

    • Access to best practice and benchmark information
    • Support for their careers
    • A diverse mix of interactive programs and events
    • Tools to help navigate the changing workplace

    Members of IFMA Boston have specifically asked for more local opportunities to stay up-to-date on technology and learn/ network with their peers in the industry. FMFoward delivers on those requests while also helping the Chapter deliver on its mission.


    • Have you recently digitized your FM?
    • Have you implemented a new way of working?
    • Have you embarked on a comprehensive change management initiative?
    • Do you have an experience to share with your peers?

    We’re looking for familiar faces with innovative experience and best practices to share who can help expose our Boston area Facility Management community to real life technology, processes, ideas and accomplishments that will help them excel within their roles. Each of our best practices presenters should be a pair or panel that is made up of at least one Facility Manager and preferred vendor that they worked with in their recent innovation.

    Your proposal should align with at least one of IFMA’s 11 core competencies:

    • Communication
    • Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity
    • Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability
    • Finance and Business
    • Human Factors
    • Leadership and Strategy
    • Operations and Management
    • Quality
    • Real Estate and Property Management
    • Technology

    Each best practices presentation should be 20 minutes in length and will be presented to the full conference attendance of approximately 200.


    Once all of the proposals have been received, they will be reviewed by a panel made up of members Education committee and Board of Directors and evaluated on the following criteria:

    Aligns with at least one of the 11 Core Competencies--it is our goal to have a variety of competencies covered within the conference.
    Relevancy of the content to the current responsibilities and challenges faced by Facility Managers and the companies they serve.
    • Proposed presentation pair/panel’s expertise and experience.


    Each presentation should provide both perpsectives to a challenge faced and a solution met--one from the Facility Manager and the other from their preferred vendor(s) utilized through the implementation. Each submittal should summarize the challenge faced, the process, and the innovation(s) utilized.

    What challenge(s) did you face and what were the repercussions within your organization?

    What was the process that you took to meet the challenge? What innovations were utilized? What role did each team member play?

    What was the impact that your solution/innovation had on your organization? Did it save time, money, resources? Did it increase productivity, enjoyment, or the user experience?

    Which of the IFMA Core Competencies will be addressed?

    Provide the contact information, biographies and prior speaking experience (if any) for each member of the presenting team.

    All proposals can be submitted online here, and must be received by 5:00 PM on Wednesday, October 24th.



    • No travel costs will be reimbursed.
    • If for some reason you must cancel, we request that you provide IFMA Boston a minimum of 30 days notification to allow us enough time to find another presentation to take your place.
    • You must serve as the primary contact for the conference and must have a valid e-mail address.
    • Co-presenters must all agree to these terms and conditions to participate. Refusal to agree to all of the terms and conditions will result in dropping your presentation from the agenda.
    • We will make any handouts you may have available digitally for conference attendees, but you are responsible for any hard copies if you would like to distribute.
    • The central stage will be equipped with a projector, screen, and lavaliere microphones for all presenters. A laptop will be provided to run any presentation you may have, you just need to provide it prior to the conference to be loaded.
    • The schedule includes 5-7 tech presentations, so it is imperative that all presentations be limited to the 20 minute time frame to allow for some Q&A prior to switching to the next presentation.
    • In order to make the valuable information from FMFoward available to members who cannot attend, we may record the sessions and make them available for purchase post-conference. In agreeing to this agreement, you are providing us the permission to record, edit, transcribe, archive, duplicate, distribute, reproduce, and sell any written or visual material submitted in connection with, and including the oral presentation, delivered at this program, in any and all media now existing or hereafter developed, throughout the world.
    • FMFoward reserves the right to revise titles in consultation with the presenters, reassign the identified topic area, or edit the program summary for promotional and program materials.
    • You agree to be available to our communications team to provide content to help promote your session at the conference.

    Thank you for your interest in presenting at FMFoward If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at


    The success of FMFoward is directly aligned with the quality of our presenters and the breadth of the knowledge that they are willing to share with our membership. We thank you for your interest in submitting a proposal and sharing with us your best practices.

    Presenting teams who are selected to present at FMFoward benefit from:

    • A full conference registration for each non member speaker--all member registrations are provided as a benefit of membership ($400+ value per person)
    • The reputation as an industry expert in their respective fields
    • The opportunity to educate like-minded professionals on relevant topics
    • Exposure through the conference application and marketing materials
    • Networking with a prospective audience of 200+ Facility Management professionals
    • Potential speaking opportunities within IFMA Boston in the future
    • Lasting brand recognition and repeated reference through session handouts provided to all attendees
    • An evaluation summary from conference participants

    We look forward to teaming with our selected presenters for this landmark event!

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