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    We are the Boston Chapter of the International Facility Management Association, a professional organization dedicated to furthering the recognition and expertise of the facility management professional. We have more than 550 members and one of the largest chapters in the world. Our mission is to be the complete, expert resource for facility managers in the Boston area. We provide a full range of programming throughout the year including publications, training, webinars, tours, panel discussions, networking and special events.


    Jan 28

    Annual Speed Networking Gone Virtual

    Join us for this annual crowd pleaser networking event, but this year with a virtual twist.

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    Feb 2

    Spring 2021 CFM Study Hall

    The Chapter's group study hall for CFM certification prep

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    Feb 12

    2021 Leadership Summit (Current IFMA Boston Volunteers Only)

    We will be jumpstarting the year with a leadership summit conceived from, and implemented by, our current volunteers!

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    Feb 24

    Workplace of the Future: Reimagined

    Join us for an FM roundtable discussion on what the workplace of the future now looks like in light of the pandemic

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    YouTube Playlist

    Webinar Replay: Virtual FM Roundtable: Back to School in a Pandemic Information Sharing

    Webinar Replay: Airside Sterilization Technologies for Safter Post COVID-19 Building Occupancy

    Webinar Replay: Virtual FM Roundtable: Bringing Buildings Back Online Information Sharing

    Webinar Replay: Virtual FM Roundtable: COVID-19 and the Return to the Workplace Information Sharing

    Webinar Replay: Virtual FM Roundtable: Virtual FM Roundtable: COVID-19 Information Sharing

    Webinar Replay: Virtual FM Roundtable: Managing an Impromptu Remote Workforce

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