Board of Directors


    Joy Shapiro
    Director of Business Development

    President Elect

    Angela H. Rothemich D'Amato, FMP
    Real Estate Project Manager
    Liberty Mutual Insurance Co.

    Past President

    Thomas Palange
    Director Of Marketing & Communications

    VP Finance

    Deborah S. Benjamin
    Director, Facilities and Operations
    Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Therapeutics

    VP Engagement

    Chris Pestana
    Business Development Manager

    VP Develpoment

    Carolyn Hickey
    Director of Business Development and Marketing
    Dellbrook JKS

    VP Education & Development

    Andrew J. DelPrete
    Facility Manager
    Liberty Mutual Insurance Co.

    VP of Logistics

    Ashley White
    Campus & Facilities Planner
    Babson College

    VP Career Expansion

    Frank D. Rhodes II
    Area Director, Engineering and Facilities
    Marriott International