What are the benefits of becoming a Boston Chapter member?
    For facility managers, the opportunity to network with your peers, participate in online and live educational programs for free, providing your expertise as a volunteer, speaker, or a thought leader and learn from other’s experiences through our monthly newsletter, and Boston authored white papers and benchmarks round out the benefits. For associate members you too have access to free programming, opportunities to volunteer and share your expertise and have an opportunity to provide information on your services to local members. Click here to learn more about the benefits of joining IFMA Boston.

    How do I join IFMA?
    Click here to learn more about membership and to join at IFMA International . There you can review information on membership, dues and fill out the application on line, or you can request that an information packet be sent to you for additional information.  To assure that you have joined both International and the Boston Chapter, select MA01 Boston Chapter on the membership application.

    Do I send IFMA Boston my membership application?
    All membership transactions occur at the International level, so visit http://www.ifma.org/membership/join-today to join now. Please note MA01 Boston Chapter as your chapter of choice. You must join International and a local chapter.

    Does the membership cover anyone from my company?
    Your membership is an individual membership. Others from your company are welcome to attend events; however they will pay the non-member price.

    How can I get to know fellow IFMA Boston members better?
    By attending monthly programming you will have an opportunity to meet other members. However, an ideal way to get to know other members quickly is to join a committee. It does not require a great deal of time, and you will get to know your fellow committee members, as well as have the opportunity to interact with the members more closely. To learn more about the committees and volunteer opportunities, contact the office.

    Can I access all IFMA Boston members?
    Yes, if you are an IFMA Boston member, you can access other IFMA Boston members and all of the International members as well. This directory is found at www.ifma.org and is available to you once you’ve joined.  It is password protected.  Please note, that the directory is to make individual contact with members and can not be used for marketing campaigns and mass mailings.

    Why do I pay for chapter dues and pay to attend the special events?
    Chapter dues go to the chapter to fund chapter webinars, programs, tours and other items that may be at a cost to the chapter. Paying chapter dues allows the chapter to not charge members to attend standard events. Special events have a charge to cover the cost of food, the speaker, the facility or other items that the chapter dues do not cover.

    How do I attend a meeting before joining?
    Non-members are always welcome to attend our events. If you are attending an event for the very first time, contact the office for registration, your first regular program can be complimentary.  Thereafter there will be a charge for each event you attend as a non-member.

    Does IFMA offer a Lifetime Membership?
    No. IFMA no longer offers this type of membership.

    What is an IFMA Fellow?
    The most prestigious title bestowed by the Association is that of IFMA Fellow. Fellowship recognizes outstanding contribution and services rendered to the Association. Fellowship creates an elite core of respected leaders who can be called upon to act as advisors to and ambassadors for the Association.

    What is an FMP?
    Designed to bring you one step closer to achieving certification, the knowledge-based Facility Management Professional credential is designed primarily for Facility Managers with only a few years of professional experience. The FMP designation will help to accelerate your transition into the profession.

    Learn more about this affiliation here.

    What is a CFM?
    CFM® Certification is the most respected global credential in facility management. The Certified Facility Manager® (CFM) credential sets the industry standard for ensuring the knowledge and competence of practicing facility managers.

    Learn more about this certification here.

    What is a SFP?
    The SFP is the new credential for FMs seeking a higher level of sustainable performance. Go farther, faster. Engage all your company’s FM assets to truly maximize triple bottom line results.

    Learn more about this certification here.

    What is the FMJ?
    Published by IFMA, the Facility Management Journal is written specifically for professionals who are concerned with developing and maintaining productive workplaces.

    Can I view the FMJ online?
    Yes. Please visit Facility Management Journal – FMJ Online.

    What are councils?
    Councils are special-interest groups reflecting the diverse types of facilities and job responsibilities represented by IFMA members. Councils provide opportunities for interaction that transcend geographic boundaries, enabling members to meet other professionals who share an interest in a particular FM practice or who work in the same business sector.

    What distinguishes councils from chapters?
    Councils focus on facility management topics related to a specific industry or interest area. Chapters are geographically based groups of facility management professionals. Councils communicate mostly via email, postal mail, web site and telephone. However, councils are required to have one face-to-face meeting per year. This meeting usually takes place in conjunction with IFMA’s World Workplace and/or Facility Fusion.

    Can I belong to more than one council?
    Yes. Many members belong to more than one council. You may prefer to join several special interest groups based on your daily FM responsibilities, activities or interests.

    How do I find out what my council activities are?
    Specific council activities would be listed on the council Web site or newsletter. You can also check the IFMA calendar at http://www.ifma.org/events/fm-events for upcoming dates of council meetings.

    What is the IFMA Foundation?
    Established in 1990 as a non-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation, and separate entity from IFMA, the IFMA Foundation works for the public good to promote priority research and educational opportunities for the advancement of facility management. The IFMA Foundation is supported by the generosity of the FM community including IFMA members, chapters, councils, corporate sponsors and private contributors who share the belief that education and research improve the FM profession. To learn more about the good works of the IFMA Foundation, visit www.ifmafoundation.org.

    How does IFMA help Facility Managers develop their careers?
    IFMA International’s career development department can assist you in assessing your current career, help you develop as an FM professional and enhance your career in the future. If you are seeking a credential or designation in facility management, or you are looking to transition to FM from another career or within the facility profession, they have the tools and information to put you on the right track.

    IFMA Boston’s Career Development committee plans events and workshops aimed at assisting members of the FM community advance their careers and enable them more opportunities to network.

    What is World Workplace?
    The annual conference and exposition of IFMA, World Workplace, encompasses the vast educational and networking opportunities available through IFMA year-round. The knowledge and experience of the association is consolidated into a three-day, world-class gathering of facility professionals, educators, students and companies for the continued advancement of the profession.

    Who attends World Workplace?
    World Workplace unites a targeted audience that includes senior and mid-level managers from the world’s largest corporate, government and nonprofit organizations. Our attendees are all seeking solutions. No other FM show attracts a more concentrated audience of facility decision makers.

    What is Facility Fusion?
    Launched in 2010, Facility Fusion merged the educational, networking and leadership training events IFMA previously held in March, April and May, into a single, comprehensive conference. Combining—or fusing—a high-level educational program and tradeshow with IFMA volunteer leader training and industry-specific sessions, the Facility Fusion conference meets a range of FM-related professional development needs. Facility Fusion Conference & Expo is a fusion of FM-centric education, best practices, solutions and leadership training.