FMForward Podcast

    This is FM Forward, a podcast brought to you by IFMA Boston and hosted by Jackie Falla, about the rapidly changing landscape of Facility Management and how to remain on top of your game. In our first two seasons we investigated all the ways in which risk can plague your organization, the myriad, and chaotic ways in which your business operations can be disrupted and techniques for avoiding, mitigating, transferring or accepting these risks – in the interest of your company. We then took a deep dive into COVID allowing our listeners up to the minute information on engaging employees, mitigating risk, keeping our employees safe, and beginning the planning back to the workplace.

    In our third season we are going to address each of IFMA's 11 Core Competencies one by one to take a closer look at each, how it affects our facilities and how our FMs can take a proactive role in addressing each in their workplace.

    Each week we will talk to experts in their field and before we sign off we’ll share 3 tips for getting it right. FM Forward, where if you’re an FM, buildings are assets, and it’s your job to keep people happy, or at least happily working.

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    Resources for Season 3 Episode 2: LEANing into Performance

    Resources for Season 3 Episode 4: 5G: The 5th Utility



    Resources for Episode 1 for download.

    Resources for Episode 2 for download.

    Resources for Episode 4 for download.

    Resources for Episode 10 for download.



    Jackie Falla serves as a member of Elaine Construction’s Leadership Team as Director of Client Services.  With more than 20 years in the A/E/C industry she brings to bear her skills in relationship and visibility building, technical and creative writing, and strategic growth planning in the areas of commercial and corporate real estate, and the institutional and academic market places.   Jackie is an active member of the IFMA Boston leadership team serving as the chair of our Corporate Real Estate Network and now the mastermind behind our FMForward podcast.  She is a frequent public speaker, pens the blog:, and is working on her book,  My Life in Sawdust:  How to make a million in 10 flips, which chronicles the design and construction adventures she works and lives through on her journey to see if it’s possible for a single gal to make a million flipping 1 bedroom condos.